As a vertically integrated development and property management firm, we at Richardson Properties provide a host of offerings designed to help meet your needs.  The services we currently offer our clients include:
  • Full On-Site Marketing, Management, and Maintenance
  • Buying, Selling, Leasing, and Representation 
  • On-Site Personnel Recruiting, Training, and Development
  • Detailed Monthly Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Competitive Insurance Rates through Master Umbrella Policy
  • Acquisition Studies and Due Diligence
  •  Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies
  • Asset Management
  • Initial and Annual Management Plan and Operating Budget
  •  Cash Management
  •  Property Improvement and Maintenance Plans
  • Construction Supervision and Contracting
  • Property Improvements and Rehabilitation
  • Utility Analysis and Conservation Program
  • National and Local Bulk Vendor Discounts
  • Contract Administration
  • Landscape Design and Installation (third-party consultant)