Renter’s Insurance

Richardson has exclusively partnered with LeasingDesk Insurance Services to provide properties an innovative renter’s insurance program that saves money, protects the asset, and provides residents with a valuable and needed amenity.


  • Save on the cost of resident-caused damage – The first $100,000 of damage from a covered peril is covered by the resident’s policy. Too often this expense comes directly out of the properties NOI. Studies estimate this will save the property over $22/unit annually in below deductible claims.
  • Save the cost of the deductible – Resident-caused damages are covered by renter’s insurance so clients make few claims on their property and casualty policies. We anticipate fewer claims will result in a reduction of the premium.
  • Save money on property insurance – By transferring the risk to the appropriate party (residents who cause damage), clients now may consider raising the commercial deductible and realizing an immediate benefit on NOI.
  • Ancillary income – Our exclusive relationship with LeasingDesk provide our clients with an at- or above-market exclusive marketing fee per door.